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Approachers for your organization

Find your volunteers or place your vacancy in the largest talent bank in Apeldoorn. One-off, flexible or for a longer period.


We help you find the right volunteer(s). Whether you are looking for tacklers for 2 days or 7 months.

Register your organization

This is done in seconds!

Post a vacancy

This can be done immediately after your organization has been approved and activated.

And look for volunteers

View the group of tacklers that you can approach yourself.

We work together with 8 partners and have already placed more than 300 organizations

Useful information

Would you like to know more about, for example, volunteer policy, what about the VOG or insurance? We have listed a few things for you.


Are you looking for documents, online courses or tips to better shape volunteer work in your organization? You can find more information on the Knowledge page.

Ask advice

Would you rather need some help finding the right volunteer? We help you. From searching our network to writing strong vacancies.

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Help your volunteers develop further

You have to keep motivated volunteers. With a nice workplace, but also with the opportunity to grow further. In skills and in person.Help them develop with a training, workshop or meeting. For example, about presentation, management or horspitality. This not only gives you skilled tacklers, but also satisfied volunteers who are happy to work for your organization. And open the training to other volunteers too! Post your activity right away, so participants can rigister immediately. Or invite them yourself.

Please not thatwe only share activities that help increase volunteer expertise.

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