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Helderzorg B.V.

About Helderzorg B.V.

Helderzorg offers individual outpatient assistance (18+), outpatient youth assistance, outpatient parent and family support and outpatient support from the forensic framework. The care is aimed at recovery, stabilization and development.

Helderzorg is for everyone who needs support in his or her daily (joint) functioning and makes no distinction between young or old. At Helderzorg, every form of care is tailor-made.

The intensity can vary per week, depending on demand, wish and need and is offered during the week, evenings and weekends if necessary. In case of crisis situations, we think along with you about the possibilities of offering (temporary) guidance within 24 hours.
Characteristic of the target group of Helderzorg is that there are often complex, multi-problems that occur in different areas of life. The nature of the problem is very diverse. These are care recipients who regularly end up in crisis situations, show care-avoiding behaviour, are difficult to stabilize and benefit from unconditional support.

Within Helderzorg we employ both WO, HBO and MBO trained personnel. The experience and expertise of the professionals of Helderzorg are diverse and focus on, among other things:

• slight mental handicap
• complex (serious) behavioral problems
• crime and forensic issues
• psychiatric problems
• addiction problems
• different ethnic backgrounds
• refugees / migration issues
• trauma

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