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Tennisvereniging De Maten

About Tennisvereniging De Maten

TV the Mates
De Maten is a large and cozy association in Apeldoorn. We are an association with members from young to old and from beginner to advanced. On Tuesday it is club night and we also organize countless other activities. We organize at least four tournaments a year and there is also plenty of competition. But… we do more!

The Union

Tennis association De Maten was founded on June 1, 1978. The association has about 600 members, of which about 70 youth members.

The tennis park of tennis club De Maten is located in the De Maten district in Apeldoorn. The park consists of ten lanes with LED lighting, with six Gravel and four Smashcourt lanes. To be able to see all members shine throughout the park, a large terrace has been laid out. The children have also been thought of. There is a modern mini track and playground where they can lose all their energy. Sustainable tennis at an association that is growing and thriving, is very much alive and even exists 40 years in 2018!

De Maten also has a clubhouse with lots of fun. For example, we have a large bar, lounge corner and new toilets and
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